Here's what the Decker's are eating this week!

Greetings!  So I spent some time yesterday getting my meal plan, grocery list, and grocery shopping done.   It felt so good this morning to not have to worry about doing any of that when I woke up today! All I  had to work on today was my meal prep for the week, which took about a half hour.  Within that thirty minutes I was able to get my chicken prepared for a couple of lunches, I portioned out my Cocoa Roasted Almonds for the week, washed my fruit as well as washed and cut up my veggies.  I have all of my lunches and snacks that need refrigerated at eye level in the refrigerator, and I have a designated shelf in my pantry that holds my rice cakes, bananas, almonds, and peanut butter.  I guess you could say that I'm ready to go!  This week is actually pretty uneventful for us.  Those are the weeks that are tough for me.  When I am home a lot and do not have many errands to run, my willpower begins to test me.  By having all of my food ready to go, I know that I won't be making bad choices. it is!  Here is what the Decker's will be eating this week!  I have no intention of making anything separate for dinner.  We all eat the same thing!  In fact, my two and three year old eat the same snacks as me too!  They just usually add some graham crackers, goldfish, and grapes too. 

I typically like to find some new recipes to try each week, but not this time.  I have family favorites incorporated into my plan and I already  had a lot of the ingredients for my meals, which made grocery shopping easy and cheap. 

As for my workout's this week, I plan to repeat week 2 of Focus T25 Beta Phase.  I have to admit, I missed a couple of workouts this week and I not only felt guilty, but I just felt...blah.  The workouts that I did do I wasn't really happy with.  I want to get the best results possible out of this program so I have decided that getting into a mindset and starting over is the best way to go! 

This kind of thing happens to everyone!  The true test is the decision that you make.  The way I look at it, I have two choices.  I can just quit all together and feel even worse, or I can admit that I need a fresh new start! 

So, as another week continues, I plan to give it my all, make healthy choices, and push through my workouts each and every day! 
Have a wonderful week!

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