Holiday Survival with a Give and Receive Promotion!

Well, it's that time of year.  I've already received the Toys R' US toy book, there are Christmas tress and Christmas dishes up and ready to go at Macys, and I've already seen a Christmas commercial!  What happened to Thanksgiving?!  Now that Halloween is over and it is officially November, we all know it's going to be that crazy busy time of year.  It's not only busy with work, family life, and holiday preparation, but it's also time to RSVP to all of those work, friends, and family holiday parties!  This is an exceptionally rough time of year.  Food is EVERYWHERE!  Just when you finally get rid of all of that Halloween candy, you get bombarded with Christmas cookies!  I don't know about you, but in the past, I've always told myself the same thing..."it's the holidays and I will worry about losing weight in January."  I've even allowed myself to gain a few pounds thinking that it will come right off with when I begin my New Years Resolution.  And guess what, it doesn't...

I don't want that this year!  My goal this year is to come out of the holidays LOSING weight, not gaining!  As a result, I want to bring along a small group of people willing to do the same thing!  I want to arm you with the tools, the tips, the recipes, the motivation and the support to have energy this holiday season.  I'd love for you to fit into your favorite outfit, or even ask for some new clothes for Christmas! 

Do you want to learn more?

The holiday survival group will all be done through a closed Facebook group.  You will not even have to leave the comfort of your own home to participate!  I do require that you invest in a 30 day supply of Shakeology, and a fitness program is optional.  When purchasing both, you will be able to get a discount, called a Challenge Pack.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with what a challenge pack is, let me explain it to you!  A challenge pack is a complete fitness program of your choice such as Focus T25, Insanity, P90X, Turbo Fire, 10-Minute Trainer, etc. and a 30 day supply of a Shakeology flavor of your choice.  Shakeology will act as your healthiest meal of the day!  Combine that with a free 30 day trial of the club membership (which provides you with benefits such as customized meal planning), plus free shipping, me as your Beachbody coach, AND a discounted price!  It is the total package!  Fitness + Nutrition + Support = Success!  Everything is also backed by a guarantee.  You can send your empty bag of Shakeology back for a refund and if you aren't happy with the fitness program, that can be sent back as well!  Before purchasing a challenge pack, I can help you decide which would be best for you based on your ability level and goals.  If you want to just stick with the Shakeology, no problem!  Throughout our 30 days, I will be providing you with support, motivation, and accountability to help you get through the holiday season.  In addition, I will be posting / sharing my meal plans and giving nutritional tips and recipes that will help you be more conscious of what you are eating.  All you need to do is check in for a few minutes each day.


I require you to invest in Shakeology for a couple of reasons. The first and the biggest in that it is 1 meal of the day that you know you are getting the very best nutrition that you can possibly find!  It can be overwhelming learning how to eat better, so Shakeology takes the guess work out of planning your meals.  You will have 1 less meal to think about each day!  Although the group will last beyond 30 days, my requirement is that you drink Shakeology for at least the first 30.  If at that point you are not satisfied, you can either cancel your order or return it for a refund!  But I'm pretty sure you will love it! Another reason is because during the holidays, sugar and sweets are everywhere.  It is a known fact that the more sugar you eat, the more your body craves it!  Shakeology helps to reduce your cravings to sugar! I have some fantastic holiday Shakeology recipes that I plan to share with you that will satisfy that need, leaving a guilt free feeling.  As for the fitness program, Beachbody has so many options for varying ability levels.  I can provide you with success stories for whatever program you are thinking of.  Together, we will pick a program that won't be too easy nor too hard for you!

When does the group begin?

This exclusive group will begin on Monday, November 18 and last until December 31.  I will be providing you with support until the end of 2013! At that point, you will have the option to join in on my 60 day group that will begin in January at no charge. I will be right there with you providing you with the support you need to get through those holiday parties, Christmas, and even New Years Eve!  Together, we will all hold each other accountable! We will all set small goals and focus on what is most important to each of us.  Maybe you want to focus on making better food choices, learning how to resist temptations and handle emotional eating.  Maybe your focus will be geared more towards fitness and building muscle.  Whatever your individual reason is, I will work with you to have the success you want!  I promise at the end of this group, you will have the tools to make better choices and live a healthier lifestyle!

Will I have to give up on ALL holiday treats?

No!  Learning how to truly eat healthy takes time.  Sometimes it even takes baby steps!  If you have a cheat here and there beyond your weekly cheat meal, it's not the end of the world.  It just can't happen all of the time!  My outlook is the 80/20 rule.  Eat clean and healthy for 80% of your day and do what you want with the rest.  You will not be starving yourself and we won't even be counting calories!  You will be choosing foods based on nutritional value and you will be eating 5-6 times per day! Eventually, your body will make this transition into a healthier lifestyle and there will be zero regrets!   

Is there a November special for purchasing Beachbody products?

Yes! And it's a good one!  Beachbody is giving back for the entire month of November!  This month, Beachbody will be working with the nonprofit organization, Feeding America.  Beachbody has created an opportunity to give back through a "Give and Receive" November focus. 

Here's how it works:
For every Beachbody Challenge Pack purchased in November, Beachbody will give you a $20 gift card towards a future purchase.  The best part, Beachbody will also give $20 to Feeding America to help distribute meals to the needy - including kids and elderly.  Each $1 contributed will pay to distribute 9 meals! So, by purchasing a Challenge Pack, you are providing 180 meals to those in need.  This is AMAZING!   I thought I would be in a giving mood as well.  I am going to match what Beachbody is offering!  So, you will not only get a $20 gift card towards your next Beachbody purchase, but you will also receive $20 IN CASH from me! 
Now this is an offer you don't want to pass up! 
Who is joining me in my Holiday Survival Group?  Who is NOT going to need to make a New Years Resolution of losing weight?  Message or email me to reserve your spot!  This is the best deal Beachbody has ever offered (in my opinion) and combine that with my offer....spots are going to fill up quickly! 

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