P90X3 Week 4 Progress Update and Meal Planning/Prepping Tips

I just finished week 4 of P90X3 already!  It's hard to believe I've already been through 4 weeks!  Week 4 was called Transition Week. Most of the workouts (I am following the Lean Schedule) consisted of some sort of Yoga / Stretch Workout.  

Day 1 Workout was Isometrix.  I have really learned to enjoy this workout.  It gives my body a great stretch, yet it also challenges me to hold poses for longer than a typical Yoga class would require.

Day 2 Workout was Dynamix. In P90X3, you always have this as an optional workout on rest day; however, I take full advantage of my rest days, so I've never actually done this one. I pressed play and completed it last Tuesday for the first time.   It was all about slow stretching.  I wasn't a huge fan of it because it was pretty slowed paced, but I muddled through it! 

Day 3 Workout was Accelerator.  This workout stepped it up a notch and incorporated more cardio than the other transition week workouts.  It was a perfect mid-week workout to get my muscles working and the sweat coming. 

Day 4 was Pilates X.  In my younger years I did Pilates and loved it!  I didn't stick with it because the workouts were so long.  This 30 minute Pilates workout was perfect! It incorporated the Pilates moves that I remembered from the past and I really enjoyed learning the new moves and pushing myself to accomplish them. My daughter even joined in a bit while I was working out!  I was super sore the next morning after this workout!

Day 5 was Agility X.  This is another sweat building type workout.  It really tests your balance and strength, which is great.  Like the Accelerator workout, Agility X was a nice change of pace for transition week.

Day 6 was X3 Yoga.  LOVE THIS! Although this Yoga workout slows things down a bit, I absolutely love it!  This is my first experience with a true Yoga workout and my only regret is not trying a Yoga workout sooner.  X3 Yoga is part of the schedule each week.  It is amazing to see how far I have come since Week 1!

Today, Day 7, is rest day.  Like I said before, I take full advantage of my rest days and typically use it for meal planning and prepping.

As for my meal choices throughout the week, I have to say, I did a pretty good job!  I had a couple of slip-ups because my husband decided to bring home some double stuffed Oreo cookies.  Needless to say, they are gone.  BUT, they aren't gone because I ate them, they are gone because he had a "guys" weekend and I made him take them!  He did end up keeping some for himself but I made him hide them :)  Sometimes when you know you have something in your house that will really test your willpower, you need to take the necessary measures.

I am anxious to start Block 2 tomorrow.  There are some new workouts that I  have yet to try.  That is one of the many features I love about P90X3.  You can't get bored with the workouts because there are so many!  I'm ready for the change and ready to continue seeing great results! So here's what's on my agenda this week:
Monday: Triometrics
Tuesday: The Warrior
Wednesday: X3 Yoga
Thursday: MMX
Friday: Incinerator (I'm a little nervous for  this one.  The name intimidates me a bit!)
Saturday: CVX
Sunday: Rest Day

So I always like to share my meal plans with you in hopes of giving you some new snack / meal ideas.  This is my meal plan for the upcoming week.  

I was able to get my meal prep done yesterday.  I got all of my veggies washed, cut, and portioned out.  My lettuce and spinach is washed and ready to go, and my berries for my yogurt are cut up. I also have a washed bag of grapes and an extra gallon baggie of veggies in the refrigerator to that my girls have healthy snacks to choose from throughout the week. By putting in about a half hour of meal prepping yesterday, I will save time throughout the week because I can just grab and go!  The only prep that I did not do was cook my chicken.  If you plan to have chicken salad or wraps throughout the week, it saves a lot of time if you cook it on Sunday and have it ready to go for the week.  For me, it's not a big deal to throw a few pieces of chicken in the skillet or on the grill pan during the week.

This week I decided to give you a sneak peek into my refrigerator!  I know, it's not the cleanest looking fridge, but it works for us. In the past I always just threw my fruits and veggies in the drawers at the bottom.  What would always happen?  They would end up going bad because I either forgot they were there, or I picked other foods out of my fridge when I would get something to eat. A VERY HELPFUL tip that I want to pass on to you is if you keep your healthy snacks at eye level, you WILL eat them!  They are the first thing you you will see when you open that fridge so you aren't giving your mind a choice.  There is still plenty of room for some other food and drinks that are not part of my meal plan that other family members enjoy.  Although you can't see this, my drawers contain my meat, cheese sticks, extra fruits (apples, grapes, clementines) and veggies (carrots, celery, green/red peppers, and extra lettuce) for the rest of my family.  Eye level to my 2 and almost 4 year old is at the bottom drawers, so, that's where I keep their snacks!  That way when we open the fridge I can tell them they can open any of the drawers and choose something.  In their minds they are excited because THEY get to choose their snacks and in my mind, I'm excited because all of their choices are healthy! I think that's called a "win-win" situation! 

So there you have it! My Week 4 P90X3 progress and upcoming week plans are here for you to read! Being that I live in Pennsylvania, the Winter season is in full swing.  It has been anywhere from 5 to 25 degrees out this week (and below zero at night).  It has been cold and snowy all weekend and will be even worse this week as the wind chill will be as low as -30 degrees during the night!  Since I stay home with my girls and also work from home, it would be so easy to pig out all day on unhealthy foods.  I have found it easier to just not have those options in my house, especially at this time of year.   By having my meal plan, which you can see on my kitchen counter above, I have a plan and can stick to it.  There is no guesswork on what I will be eating this week and no excuses because almost everything is prepped and ready to go.

If you find my tips and progress updates to be helpful, contact me at lisamariedecker@yahoo.com about joining one of my February accountability groups. I run closed Facebook groups that will provide you with the support, motivation, and accountability to help you be successful in your health and fitness journey.  I am always looking for people who are ready to make the commitment to live a healthier life.  My next group is going to be based on the NEW Beachbody program, the 21 Day Fix.  You can read about it HERE.

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