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Good Wednesday Morning! I have been a TERRIBLE blogger lately because I haven't posted much about my progress and meal plans.  Even though I didn't post it, doesn't mean I wasn't still on track!  I have been continuing my journey with the 21 Day Fix nutrition plan and have decided to implement some Turbo Fire into the mix!  I know in my last update I said I would be doing Brazil Butt Lift; however, I realized that I wanted something that was a little more intense with cardio, especially with the Easter holiday.  So it's the week after Easter and for some, you may still be in that candy coma!  I can honestly say that YES, I had a little more candy than I planned, but I did stay right on track with my meal choices.  It happens.  I am certainly not perfect.  I wouldn't say I over-indulged and felt sick, but those little mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are so good!!  

Snickers Shakeology RecipeI have to admit that I was able to curb the sweet tooth craving with one delicious drink.  Shakeology of course! I had it all planned out.  When my girls woke up in the morning I would immediately make my Snickers Shakeology.  That way, when the candy would begin to pop out of the eggs, I wouldn't be tempted.  It actually worked out really well and my willpower definitely held strong (for the morning at least)! It was also nice to remind myself that even though I was adding a little extra calories to my shake, I was getting my daily dose of nutrition.  Shakeology has really done wonders for me.  Aside from the benefits like curbed cravings, increase in energy, and just an overall GREAT feeling, you really can't beat the convenience!  I love that if I am faced with poor food choices, or if I just plain old feel like it, I can add in a second shake for the day.  I actually did that on Easter.  Even though I did great in the morning, I found myself picking at some Easter candy throughout the afternoon.  It turns out my four year old got sick over the entire holiday weekend and the two of us were stuck in the house. With all of the temptations of the day and the food choices that I knew I would be faced with for Easter dinner, I had an extra shake in the afternoon for lunch.   It worked like a charm!  My portion sizes stayed in check and I didn't give in to the treats that were set out after dinner.  It has also been nice to have my Shakeology on days where I am in the car for a meal.  I  had to go out of town last evening and knew I would be in the car from 4:15pm-6:00pm.  I didn't want to mess with making something or going through a drive-thru, so I made a shake and put it in my thermal lunch tote for when I got hungry. Again, it worked like a charm!  I will be taking advantage of that convenience again on Sunday.  

So anyways, here is the meal plan that I am following for the week! I added in a new dinner (which I will be making today)!  I am also sticking to my usual snacks because that is just what works for me.  It is color coded according to the 21 Day Fix Plan.  I have been using this plan since February and LOVE IT!  It doesn't get much easier.  I have a list of foods to choose from and if it fits in the color coded containers, then I can eat it!  I know that if I really want to tighten up what I'm eating then I can do so.  I am in no way starving between meals or digging through the pantry and fridge.  It's plain and simple....IT WORKS!!
Clean Eating Meal Plan, 21 Day Fix Meal Plan

So I've been running exclusive 21 Day Fix challenge groups every 4 weeks since the program came out.  The results have been absolutely amazing!  I can tell that the confidence in the ladies who have joined the groups is shooting through the roof!  Each group I bring along some new challengers as well as previous challengers who are wanting to do another round.  Here are just some of the updated progress measurements that have occurred in the past couple of months:

* 6 lbs and 9.25 inches in 21 Days
* 14.2 lbs and 11.5 inches with two rounds of the 21 Day Fix
* Down 11.5 inches in 21 Days
* Down 18 lbs and 14 inches since January with clean eating and Shakeology, followed by the 21 Day Fix!
These don’t even count the non-scale successes like being able to stick with a fitness program, getting in the habit of meal planning, consistency getting enough water intake throughout the day…and the list goes on.    All it took was the decision to say, “I can do this!”  
Health and Fitness Motivation

As for my workouts, as mentioned above, I am doing a mix of 21 Day Fix and Turbo Fire.  I've been doing the 21 Day Fix workouts since February and want to switch things up!  I am incorporating the intense cardio of  Turbo Fire with the strength training of 21 Day Fix. I am loving it so far!  I definitely plan to continue on this path.  

Turbofire Workout
As for this week, my workouts are as follows:
Monday: Fire 40
Tuesday: Upper Fix
Wednesday: HIIT 25 and 10 Minute Abs
Thursday: Lower Fix
Friday: HIIT 25 and 10 Minute Abs
Saturday: Dirty 30
Sunday: Yoga or Pilates Fix

As a Beachbody Coach, you probably think that I LOVE working out.  The truth is, I don't!  I have the same time conflicts as everyone else. The one thing that keeps me going is that feeling that I have when I have completed a workout.  I love checking it off my list for the day and I love the energized feeling that I have for the rest of the day. Results are addicting.  By staying focused and on track, the results happen and it actually becomes HARD to QUIT!

Fitness Motivation

So now I challenge  YOU.  It is almost May and you know bathing suit season is just around the corner! Will you be the one walking around in confidence this summer season or will you have that cover up on hiding your body?  I am running TWO challenge groups in May.  Both will provide you the support, accountability, and motivation to stay on track and reach your goals.  I  have an exclusive 21 Day Fix group beginning on May 12th and a 30 day Health and Fitness group (using any Beachbody program) beginning on May 19th. I would love for you to allow me to help guide you on the path to a healthy lifestyle!  
Fitness Motivation

If you are interested, please fill out the application below and I will be in touch! 

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