Vegas, here I come! Planning for a Trip!

Beachbody Coach Summit 2014

I  have been a TERRIBLE blogger lately!  "Life" has been super busy lately with the preparation of my upcoming trip.  I will be leaving early tomorrow morning and heading to Las Vegas for my first Coach Summit!  Needless to say, between packing for 2 toddlers to head to Nannie and Pappy's house, getting myself packed, and getting things around the house cleaned up and set for the hubby, I've been pretty busy! I am  super excited to be going to Summit with one of my personally sponsored coaches.  Together, we will be able to absorb all of the information and then brainstorm on how we can apply it to our businesses.  This year's theme is Never Give Up and I don't think it could be any more appropriate!  Often times, I see people give up with the first sign of discouragement.  With the first set-back, we sometimes throw our hands up in the air and just give up.  That is next to impossible to do with Beachbody.  I am on a team that is full of awe-inspiring leaders who are nothing but motivational, committed,  and helpful when it comes to growing as an individual and as a business.  
Beachbody Coach Summit 2014

So, what happens at a Coach Summit?  Well, since this is my first time there, I do not have first-hand experience; however, I am certain about a handful of things.  

1. I will be doing live workouts, including the huge Super Saturday workout (pictured above) with some of my favorite celebrity trainers, Shaun T, Chalene Johnson, Tony Horton, Autumn Calabrese, and more!
2. Aside from the super workout, I get to choose specific workouts like T25, 21 Day Fix, Combat, and even PiYo).
3. I will be listening to two Keynote speakers: Darren Hardy (Bestselling author, publisher, entrepreneur, mentor, and businessman)  and Diana Nyad (Author, Journalist, and World Record Long Distance Swimmer).
4.  I will be learning about the latest and greatest that Beachbody has to offer, with "sneak peeks."  This includes Beachbody's latest program, PiYo, as well as information about future new products and programs.  Is there a new Shaun T program in the works??!!  We shall see!
Beachbody Coach Summit 20145. I will be learning from theee best of the best within Beachbody. Topics like how to lead a team effectively, building a business, helping challengers reach their goals, reaching financial freedom, and living life by design, just to name a few! 
6. I will have the opportunity to meet and network with thousands of other coaches and even meet face to face with other coaches on my team that I have only met through social media! 
Beachbody Coach Summit 20147.  I have an exclusive opportunity to meet and get a picture with Shaun T, Tony Horton, and Chalene Johnson.  This is an opportunity that I have earned.
8.  I earned an exclusive invite to the Sequins and Studs party by the MGM Grand Pool!

Ok I will stop there!  The list could literally go on and on and on.

With a jam-packed scheduled, finding time to eat is going to be difficult.  So, to prepare myself for this event, I packed a few necessities in my cooler.  Sure, it would have been easier to head to  the store and pick something up, or even just eat out the entire time that I am there; however, I sure don't want to come home 5 pounds heavier! So, here is a sneak peek in to my cooler that will be packed in my suitcase.   I've got my staple meal, which is Shakeology, some Larabars, Almonds, and even some tortillas with a banana and peanut butter.  One of the first stops I plan to make once we get there is to the local grocery store.  There, I will buy some apples, unsweetened Almond Milk, and a case of water.  As for dinners, I"m not sure what to expect!  That is why I do not have a meal plan to post for this week.   I know that "light fare" will be provided during the evening events but this girl needs more than that! So, as a result, I've got some extra Shakeology  with me ;)

Healthy Meal Planning for a Trip

So, as I finish up a few last minute things today, print my boarding pass and ticket, squeeze in my workout and extra snuggles with the girls, I will be off on a new adventure.  I  have closed the door and said goodbye to my teaching career last month and am now on a mission to help others end the trend of obesity from the comfort of my own home, raising my daughters.  While it was a tough decision to make, I know that I am doing what I was meant to do...and I am HAPPY! 

Work from Home, Become a Beachbody Coach

I can not wait to come home and share everything that I have learned with my team and other inquiring coaches.  You can follow me on my Facebook Page for daily LIVE updates and I will be back in action on Monday!

Would you like to learn more about coaching and how it could potentially change your life?  Sometimes taking that leap of faith and stepping out of your comfort zone to see what else is out there is all you need to do.  

In the end, we only regret the chances that we didn't take.  Don't let that be you! 

Fill out the application below to learn more about helping to end the trend!  
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