PiYO Week 2 Progress Update and Meal Plan

PIYO Meal Plan, PIYO Workouts
PIYO Upper Body

Happy Wednesday!!!  So, Week 2 of PiYO is, and was, completed several days ago!!  I'm just super late on my update!  Between the holidays and a little stomach bug going on in my house, I haven't had the chance to do an update.  Having said that, I was a bit out of commission for a few days, so, my Week 3 did not start as planned.  I am happy to report that I am feeling great and back on track!  So, what do I think about PiYO so far? 

PIYO Meal Plan, PIYOI have to say that I am truly loving it!  It is such a nice change of pace from the intense cardio workouts that I have been doing for the past several months.  A few of the moves in PiYO give me quite a challenge.  I feel pretty good with my leg balance; however, when slowing things down and really focusing on your core, it can become challenging! Only being two weeks in, I can already see and feel a difference !  I haven't gotten through every workout in the program, but, I have to say, I really like the Sweat workout.  It is crazy to me that I was sweating more in those 30 minutes than I was after a 21 Day Fix or T25 workout!  I'm not saying that those are not effective, but with the PiYO Sweat workout, I wasn't doing any sort of running or jumping!  It's crazy how a slow paced, low impact/high intensity workout can REALLY work your muscles! 

I am enjoying the other workouts as well.  The Core workout really tested my core strength, which is something that I like to continually work on.  In addition, the upper and low body workouts have been super effective for me.  I will say that with the upper body workout being so short, I've added in a 10 minute ab workout from another program.  No, you certainly don't have to add anything to your day; however, I just wanted a little extra calorie burn. 

PIYO Meal Plan, PIYO Workouts

So how is the meal planning going?  Actually, really well!  I have found that the nutrition plan for PiYO is very similar to the 21 day fix, minus the containers. I am still incorporating my daily Shakeology, of course! I have to say, Shakeology has been a blessing for me!  When I wasn't feeling well, it was so nice to have a shake, knowing that my body was getting replenished with dense nutrition that includes 70+ super foods and numerous vitamins and minerals.  I definitely wasn't able to eat much solid food so this was a great way to make sure my body was getting what it needs. 

Shakeology, PIYO

My meal plan for last week was pretty simple.  I actually decided to incorporate the new 3-Day Refresh and had GREAT results!  I had zero loss of energy so I was able to continue with my PiYO workouts.  In addition, I added a new recipe to my dinner rotations! I enjoy eating salads and the typical chicken or steak salad gets a bit old, so, I found a great Spinach Summer Salad recipe that was a hit with my entire family! I was also able to stay on track, for the most part, throughout the holiday weekend.  No, I wasn't 100%.  Yes, I did have a delicious chocolate/cool whip dessert, but I did not over indulge.  I stuck with a proper portion and didn't feel guilty afterwards.  

Clean Eating, Healthy Meal
Spinach Summer Salad

PIYO Meal Plan, PIYO
PIYO Week 2 Meal Plan

Since my Week 3 did not start off as planned, plus we are already half way through,  I am also including my Week 3 meal plan.  Although I wasn't eating much, my family still was so I did stick with the dinners.  Since I am finally feeling better and able to work out, I am beginning my Week 3 workouts today.  
PIYO Meal Plan, PIYO
PIYO Week 3 Meal Plan

Overall I am pleasantly surprised with how much I am enjoying PiYo.  To be able to already see and feel results in my strength and flexibility after just two weeks is awesome! I can't wait to see how much better I get and the results that will happen among both me and my current challengers in my exclusive PiYO test group when the 60 days is up. 

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